Start Saving Energy Today

Saving energy is saving money and can be a fun activity to engage your friends and family. Ways to save energy come in all shapes and sizes, including steps you can take today at no cost. Energy efficiency also increases the comfortability of your home, and makes larger projects worth the investment. Small steps and new ideas can help you save big!

Energy Saving Tips

Let us Know Before Adding Load

To provide our connected residential accounts with continued reliable service, we need to be informed of any significant changes you make to your homes, such as adding heating or cooling square footage to your existing home, building a workshop where you will be adding electric power tools and equipment, or installing an electric vehicle charger. It is possible that we may need to make changes to our distribution system to allow for the increase in electric load. Call us at (252) 247-3107 or (800) 682-2217 to let us know of any change to your service.