Membership Matters!

When you sign up for service from Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative you become a member/owner of a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing your home with reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost, with helping you find ways to manage your energy, and by providing services and information to enhance your electric service at your home. The cooperative way of doing business is not about making money, but about serving its members.


To view the Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative bylaws, click Official Bylaws.

Cooperative Business Model

From the outside, many co-ops look like any other business, since a co-op provides products and services like conventional businesses do. But it's what goes on behind the scene that makes cooperatives different. They operate under seven guiding principles.

 Member-ownership means:

  • You elect fellow members to the Board of Directors who make the policies that control the operation of the cooperative.

  • We create and enforce strong internal control policies to safeguard cooperative assets.

  • We maintain accurate accounting records and respond promptly to financial requirements.

  • Any amount of the cooperative’s monthly bills that are in excess of the actual operating costs are credited to each member based on the member's consumption of energy during the year. (See Capital Credits)

CCEC is not-for-profit and is owned and controlled by you, the members; there are no outside investors.

Service Territory

Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative serves members in Carteret County from Cedar Point and Emerald Isle in the west to Cedar Island, excluding the towns of Newport, Morehead City, Beaufort and Atlantic Beach. The co-op also serves members in Craven County along Highway 101 north of Beaufort into Craven County, as well as in Havelock up to the intersection of Highway 70 and Fontana Boulevard. Service also is provided to members along Highway 58 in Cape Carteret, north to the Jones County town of Maysville, as well as a small number of members in Onslow County near Swansboro.

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